Lomo flowers

I had this idea of trying to build up a collection for myself of flower pictures I have taken with the Lomo. Maybe I should have waited until a bit later in the season but it is a start :)

AliceLomo flowers

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! I am going to be in Berlin this weekend to celebrate my step-father’s 70th birthday. It’s a big gathering with people traveling in from all over for the celebrations, it promises to be a fun event. I should be back here early next week. I loved reading the responses to the last post :) I sold a few …

AliceHappy Easter


More pictures from last summer/autumn, I grew the top sunflower and my dad grew the lilies.


last autumn

I mentioned before that a roll of film was lost in the post, well it wasn’t! After I had given up hope the photos showed up. The roll was from my Yashica that I had left in there since last summer/autumn. There seems to have been something odd going on in the camera as some of the pictures had double …

Alicelast autumn

blue sky

I got another Lomo LC-A roll developed. We’ve been having some sun around here. It’s still really freezing cold though.

Aliceblue sky

lomo lc-a!

After a long time of pondering buying a LC-A I saw a good deal on Ebay and so went for it, and it arrived from Russia today. I hurried out straight away at lunchtime to test it giving myself 30 minutes to take a roll of 36 pictures, a photo challenge! So that is what this jumble of photos is. …

Alicelomo lc-a!

Raspberries & Entourage

I remembered today that I hadn't finished going through the pictures that I got developed from my last roll of film that I took with my Yashica. Recently I got a good deal on film by buying twelve rolls so it should be part of my general picture taking for a while. It gets a bit of a drag carrying …

AliceRaspberries & Entourage

pears on film

The digital version is here. The difference is interesting, I prefer the film version.

Alicepears on film

‚ô• film

First batch of my film photographs, these are not changed at all in Photoshop, just scanned and resized. I love those colours! There is a digital version that I took at the same time here.

Alice‚ô• film