Happy New Year!

It is the time of year when many people start thinking about resolutions, me included. I generally like to have a couple as I do like a good ol’resolution. My smaller resolutions of last year were to sign my name with a capital ‘A’ unless writing to my family (just because) and to have a lunchtime walk every day unless I really really had too much work on, both of these were successful and things I will carry on doing. It was also going to be my year of action and getting various personal projects done. It was a year of a great deal of action, a highlight was our month-long USA road trip which we really really loved. However there are still some projects that had to be postponed due to being too busy so I am looking forward to getting on with these this coming year. One of these projects being moving house!

For this coming year I could list all sorts of resolutions such as brushing Ira (our fluffy ginger cat) every day even though she doesn’t like it and does her sad whhhyyyy face at us, vowing to clean the bathroom more often, making sure to post pictures on here more often, and trying to reduce the amount of junk email I get but I feel that these are things I will be trying to do anyway without needing extra resolve. So this year I only have one resolution and that, quite simply, is to give myself a kick and to not get side-tracked and to make sure to get the big projects done.

As well as resolutioning this is also the time for looking back on the year, while I immensely enjoy reading other people’s ‘best of 2011′ lists I feel in much more of a looking forward mood. If this is the time of year for reflection that my main feeling from 2011 is so thankful that I have such a great family and wishing good health and happiness for them in 2012. The picture above is from an adventure with them I never got around to posting where we had a crazy summertime party at the opera for my aunt.

So, happy new year! I hope it’s a good one for you and your loved ones! :)

AliceHappy New Year!