West Coast Trip: New York (Lomo) (East Coast!)

It’s often cheaper to fly back from other USA places via New York and we thought that if we were going to be changing planes there we might as well plan in to stop for a few days. We have been to New York before and so didn’t feel pressure to be very touristy. We stayed at The Gershwin which has the most reasonable (that aren’t in a complete dive) en suite rooms in a good location that I could find. The only specific thing on my to-do list was to visit The High Line park which had opened since I was last there, such a great place! A must-see. Otherwise we would just set off in the morning and would wander and talk and wander and talk until we got hungry, then I’d find a Wi-Fi spot and Yelp for suggestions. We ate as much Japanese food as possible while we still could as our access to it is so limited over here.

AliceWest Coast Trip: New York (Lomo) (East Coast!)