Dunster Castle

The other place that we visited was the nearby Dunster Castle, the inside was closed to visitors that day but the grounds were interesting to clamber around and had nice views out over the hills and the Bristol Channel. It wasn’t at all sunny like it was on the Exmoor day. We then walked into Dunster Village for a cup of tea in a teashop. We save the rock and roll behaviour for the evenings ;)

I’ve started taking pictures in RAW format and so far I’m very pleased. Why I’d held off for so long is that I take so many pictures and as the RAW files are such large file sizes storage is an issue. I’m just trying to get more ruthless in deleting the duds and the maybes. I’ve pretty much stopped updating my Flickr but I aim to be back on it in the New Year, it’s one of my resolutions.

AliceDunster Castle