Lomo St. Giles’ Fair

Once a year for two days at the start of September St. Giles street in Oxford gets taken over with rides and games for the St. Giles’ Fair. When I was a kid at school in Oxford this fair was a really major social event and there would be all this fuss about who was going to the fair with whom and what rides you’d go on and how late you’d be allowed to stay out etc. The fair marked the end of the summer as it always fell in the first week back at school. Now I have no strong feelings about it really apart from that it’s quite a contrast to have such rides right in the city centre. So loud, so tacky, so many lights. Something I noticed this year is how huge the toys you can win have got, really giant, and I was also thinking a lot about what an unusual job it must be to do the spray painted pictures that are on the rides, really you’d have to be super skilled.

I took these pictures with my Lomo LC-A and AGFA Vista 200 film, mixed results I think? I’m going to give this film type a go in my Yashica TL-Electro too at some point. Partly what I find frustrating with film is how little control I have over the developing which is such a major part of the film process. I know I could be developing them myself but I can’t take on another hobby right now, some day :)

AliceLomo St. Giles’ Fair